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Modifiability: Or Is There Design In Agility

Conference: Many people assume that agile methods mean an absence of design. Design still happens in agile projects, but it shifts from an up-front phase to a continual evolution. Design decisions should be left to the last responsible moment, but some design decisions do need to be made at the start of a project. Martin Fowler explores this topic through a panel discussion of design in an agile context.


Very good conference. 5 Software Architects talk about how to design software in a agile development.

Quote: “Classes need to keep secrets, you need to start private, work on that and then get protected when you absolutely need to. Work protected until you absolutely need to go public.”

Quote: “Test driven applications tend to organize themselves in a modular fashion. You cannot have unit testing without the ability to mock and stub objects. This ability and this need generates a better design. I use dependency injection due to this. ”


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