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Why automatic updates are bad

Back in 1998, the Windows Update appeared because Microsoft needed to distribute fixes for Windows and notably for Internet Explorer 5. It seems that the phenomena that we got so used to in this new era of internet-enabled applications, the automatic updates has started to generate more problems than it solves.
In my opinion automatic updates are bad for several reasons:
1. They fix the effect and not the problem

Microsoft introduced this Windows Update Service in order to patch the giant holes that the application had before anyone noticed. But people did notice and started playing with the poor Citește mai mult

Language Oriented Programming : the new Paradigm?

Here’s an interesting article about a new paradigm in programming. It comes under different names : Intentional programming, MDA, generative programming, Language Oriented Programming.

This last name is suggested by Sergey Dmitriev (cofounder and CEO of JetBrains Inc., makers of the IntelliJ IDEA Java IDE). His opinion is that developers are currently restricted by their dependency on programming languages and developer tools. A solution to this can be defining DSLs (Domain Specific Languages), but they also have the disadvantage of not being general enough.


So he suggests that the solution could be a Language Workbench that allows creating as many DSLs as needed. The use of a DSL makes the mapping of the conceptual model solution to the program source code a lot more easier. In addition to that, it allows domain experts (non-programmers) to create programs using a very descriptive language created for that specific domain.

Read more here.

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